WV 2 Project Follansbee-Weirton Road II


WV 2 Project Quick Notes
Scope of Work
Phases of Work
Weekly Update of Progress
Key Contacts

WV Route 2 Project Quick Notes

Overview – Project will Widen existing 2 lane roadway to 4 lanes (12 foot lanes). North and Southbound will be separated by a median barrier. 10 Foot outside shoulders will be created as well as 8 foot inside shoulders. This project was needed because of hazardous conditions created by falling rock from the existing hillside. These conditions will also forced a road closure at some point during the work.

Location – Between Follansbee and Weirton. Begins .9 Miles north of CR 8 Archer Heights and ends at US 22. Total Length of Project is .9 Miles.

Contract – Awarded to Trumbull Corporation Pittsburgh, PA

Cost – Contract was awarded at $21,444,875.38

Duration – Work started on June 23,2000 and is scheduled for completion on June 31, 2001.

Scope of Work

Widening – Widening the existing roadway from 2-12 feet lanes to 4-12 feet lanes separated by a 2 ft. median Barrier with a 10 foot outside and 8 feet inside shoulders. The purpose of the widening is to accommodate increased traffic generated by potential population and economical growth

Excavating – Excavation of 3.9 million cubic yards to both eliminate constant hazardous rock falls and slides occurred since 1906 , and to improve the horizontal as well the vertical alignment of the existing road.

Rehabilitation – The Rehabilitation of the existing pavement, drainage and retaining wall structures, to improve the functionality of the road.

Phases of Work

Phase 1 – Pavement widening ,cleaning debris behind existing barrier ,and the placement of new barrier, for the section south of the project between the Market Street Bridge (wvspur 2) and County Road 8 (Archer Heights) south of the project . Detour will be implemented at the end of this phase.

Phase 2 – Excavation of hillside east of the centerline of the road and the construction of the WV 2 mainline north bound. During this phase the road will be closed and the contractor will be under a 200 days incentive/disincentive provisions ,where the contractor will be reimbursed a $25000 /day for each day the excavation work is completed ahead of the 200 days period designated for the excavation work with a maximum total incentive amount of $1,500,000. Likewise the contractor will be penalized $ 25,000 /day for every calendar day the excavation work is delayed beyond the 200 days. The purpose of these provisions is to encourage the contractor to expedite the completion of the excavation work so that the existing road can be opened to traffic as soon as possible

Phase 3 – Constructing the WV 2 south bound lanes


During the closure, northbound and southbound WV Route 2 traffic will be routed on the detour. The detour route is as follows….

To travel South on 2 : Take US 22 Harmon Creek Exit onto County Route 1 (Harmon Creek Road) to County Route 12 (Mechlin Hill). Follow CR 12 to CR Alt 27. Stay on CR 27 to the Allegheny Street intersection in The City of Follansbee.

To Travel North on 2 : Turn onto CR Alt 27. Follow CR Alt. 27 until you get to CR 12 (Mechlin Hill). Follow CR 12 until you reach CR 1(Harmon Creek Road). Stay on Harmon Creek Road until you hit the City of Weirton, where you can get back onto WV 2 North.

Alternate Car Detour : Cars under 5 Ton may use the Market Street Bridge to get to Ohio State Route 7. From there they can proceed to US 22.

Weekly Progress Report

This project is located on WV Route 2, beginning north of the Market Street Bridge and ending at US Route 22. The total length of new construction is 0.90 miles. The work consists of grading, drainage, paving, signing, lighting, and pavement markings to upgrade the existing two-lane roadway to four lanes. The Contract was awarded to the Trumball Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at a cost of $21,444,875.38. The plan completion date for the project is October 31st, 2001. The previously listed detour is no longer in effect. The Contractor has completed the new southbound lanes. Two-way traffic is being maintained on these new lanes. The existing new northbound lanes are closed to allow the Contractor to remove the slide and to stabilize the hillside. Concrete barriers and an earth berm have been placed to retain falling debris while performing this work. Except some delays. Separate news releases will be issued prior to all phases of this project. The project is currently 99% complete.

Key Contacts

Danny Sikora | Dir. of Engineering | 304-843-4024 | [email protected]
Bob Whipp | District Engineer | 304-843-4008 | [email protected]
Gus Suwaid | Area Engineer | 304-748-6948 | [email protected]