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If you’re a car enthusiast, you probably know It is an online blog where there are shared stories about cars and two-wheelers that are present on the market.

The website went into the tiniest of details, which gained a lot of followers and trust in the automotive community.

It was the go-to website for automotive enthusiasts who wanted to know about a particular vehicle of a time or were looking for specific information about its inner workings. The site has an international presence, with visitors from all over the world.

SkiddMark’s website has been abandoned, which is why WVDOT chose to acquire it. We at WVDOT have been in the automotive space for quite some time and thought that the viewers and readers of SkiddMark would rather be served by us, rather than random articles on the internet.

We’ll continue to provide the same level of quality content that was present on SkiddMark’s website while also exposing the viewers, to our plethora of high-quality automotive content.

What Was SkiddMark About?

SkiddMark was a website dedicated to providing high-quality automotive content. SkiddMark’s content was very well received. Since, it was regularly updated; this made it a very valuable resource.

Formerly known as Driver’s Republic, it had been in the automotive industry far longer than the competition.

With over a decade of experience and reputation building, SkiddMark was a name that could be trusted blindly.

Popular Posts From SkiddMark

SkiddMark was a site that had a lot of interesting content. They covered all aspects of the automotive industry, from reviews of new cars to the marketing strategies of the big names in the industry. Let’s go over some of their most popular posts.

Interview: The Next Big Thing: Ferrari’s Jules Bianchi

SkiddMark got to experience first-hand what it was like behind the making of a superstar.

They had an opportunity to interview Jules Bianchi, who had become the 2009 Euro F3 champion 2009.

The blog started with a description of his award-winning race, which had just reached its end mere minutes ago. They were seated in the back of an ART truck, where the interview was conducted.

Bianchi went on explaining that he started at three years old when his father bought him a kart. While it was just a hobby at first, he quickly grew to love the thrill of competition and moved up through the ranks in karting.

Bianchi continued saying that his father owned a karting circuit, which was a huge advantage.

Jules talks about grandfather, Mauro Bianchi. Mauro was a respected driver in his time and was a three-time world GT champion. His grandfather was an engineer and racer, so Jules greatly valued his opinion.

Moreover, Jules discusses manager Nicolas Todt. He was the one who helped Jules secure a place in Formula Renault and F3 too. Jules admitted that most of his success was possible because of him.

Despite his success, Jules was still a rookie: he was only 20 years old. They had the chance to sit down with him recently to talk about what it would be like to be a Formula One driver—and what it’s like working with the team at Ferrari.

As this interview was after the race, it happened just a few minutes after a possibly devastating accident. But both parties were relatively calm and collected, which is certainly not the case.

The blog was written in such detail that one could envision what was happening, from a detailed description of the paddock to when Jules Bianchi arrived for the interview.

Felipe Massa And Marc Gene Lead A Record-Breaking Parade Of Ferrari’s At Silverstone

In 2012, the brand wrote another great piece of content regarding a parade of Ferrari’s. The event discussed was organized by the UK Ferrari Owner’s Club.

Silverstone, a motorsports circuit in Silverstone, England, played host to the Ferrari parade that day.

The event was organized and saw more than 500 Ferraris gather together at the track to beat the previous record of 385 cars.

Many Ferraris were hosted in the event, including the ever-popular 458 Spider, which was driven by popular personalities at the event.

Guests from Ferrari’s history were also featured: F1 driver Felipe Massa joined as a guest of honor, Marc Gene served as a special coach for drivers. The inclusion of these guests upped the quality of the event.

The Ferrari owners raised 4820 pounds for the BEN charity, a figure included by the blog on its page. It also listed dozens of photos on its website, so people who weren’t there would surely not miss out on anything.

The blog also features quotes from famous personalities such as Ian Dodsworth, the founder of Tweet Deck. He stated that driving a Ferrari in Silverstone was an experience he would never forget.

Overall, the event was a huge success. Although not confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records, the event was the largest-ever car parade in the United Kingdom.

With it almost touching 1000, the previous record was broken and shattered. It was an event worth remembering. It was a spectacular thing to see, and there is no denying that very few events have come as close as that one.

SkiddMark Joins Team BMW Rahal Letterman At The Sebring 12Hrs

First, I’ll start with a little background. The author starts with a fun story of his drive to Sebring.

He was driving his BMW M3 down to Sebring, Florida. Now, Sebring is where you can get lost in the scenery—the scenery being the beautiful terrain. And that is what the author discussed at the start of his blog.

The author was traveling with the BMW Rahal-Letterman team, which attracted racing fans present at the event.

The events were the ALMS races, which is a series of 24-hour races that take place from March to October. Thanks to the Corvettes present in the races, the noises from the races are distinct and unique.

The BMW M3 was a popular car at the event. Many versions of the car ranged from lightly to heavily modified.

There were many cars, including E92 M3s modified to the core yet still being easily spotted as BMWs. They had V8 engines, 70 more bhp, and a carbon fiber design. The BMW trailer had a line full of people waiting to get autographs. Who wouldn’t want those?

The track is 3.7 miles long and has many imperfections. The racers raced anyway. The day was Saturday, and there were many spectators on that day.

There was beer and barbecue, and they were ready to see the race, regardless of how sleepless they were.

The nighttime partying had attracted so much attention that there was some risk that the race would look like a sideshow. The author praises the pit team, which was calm and organized.

The 12 hours passed like they were nothing. The BMWs were comfortable, even though they were weaker than the Porche’s and Ferraris.

BMW did win two positions on the podium, the second and the third. There was a celebration and distribution of prizes, and it was fun.

Audi Releases New A6 And A7 Black Edition Versions

The Audi A6 and A7 sedans have just been announced with their respective black editions. These editions are derived from the S-line models. So, they have lowered sports suspension.

Audi has made a black edition stealthy model mainstream, which is a good thing because we all know that stealthy cars are simply great looking, and their looks are unparalleled.

Black finish, grille, and even number plate surround, dark privacy glass are some of the many features of these solid-looking black edition cars.

There are also Piano Black inlays in the interior, which go well with the Valcona leather sports seats. Audi has also included a dedicated BOSE surround sound system. It is amazing and provides clear sound quality.

The Black Edition Audi A6 has a 177PS 2.0 liter TDI engine, while the Black Edition Audi A7 has a 3.0L TDI 204PS engine. Both are equally powerful and are amazing on the road.

They come in at prices up to 50000 pounds for the A6 and up to 56000 pounds for the A7—but don’t let that scare you off: they’re worth every penny.

Audi plans to start delivering these cars in early 2013. That is only two months of authoring this article, which is a decent delivery time.

The Accidental Hero – An Interview With Ken Block

This next blog post is another interesting one, which can only be found on the SkiddMark website.

The brand’s representative spent an hour with the famous Ken Block while they were getting ready to interview Hoonigan.

Regardless, it has been made clear that the interview was great, and Ken Block had a great personality.

The author talked to the gentleman about his business and how much of a motorsport fan he is while also being a driver.

The author also concluded that with Block being in two seasons of the WRC, he had become a much better driver.

His attitude when doing stunts and his view on when he competed against Kimi Raikkonen had changed.

The blog also explained who Brock was to its readers if they weren’t familiar with him. He was the co-founder of DC Shoes, which was introduced in 1993. He sold his business for $87 million in 2003.

Ken Block had a Gymkhana video which was first published in 2008. It was so famous that it also became an internet meme.

It gathered 11 million views in 3 months, after which it had to be taken down. It was reuploaded on YouTube, where it made 11 million views again, bringing the total to 22 million.

Ken discussed that even he did not expect the sudden popularity of DC Shoes. He explained that he used his experiences to create something parallel with the motorsport industry.

The interview carried on with several more questions, such as his trademark 43 race number and much more. All of these questions were comfortably answered by Block.

The blog even clarified that the article was sponsored by DC Shoes, but they remained firm on their stance that their views were not altered.

Audi’s A1 S Line Style Edition Makes The MINI Look Cheap

This blog post covered the launch of a new variant of the Audi A1, the S Line Style Edition. Starting with the price at 18,125 pounds; the base variant produces 85bhp, thanks to a 1.2 TFSI engine.

This new edition of the Audi A1 has upgrades that cost 2200 pounds. But still, it is priced 5000 pounds more for those additional features, which seems unfair.

The Style Edition comes between the S and Blackline editions. The price difference between this and the regular S-Line model is 950 pounds. The top-of-the-line variant can cost 20,605 pounds.

So, now it begs the question, what features are present in this brand-new variant of the mini car? Well, it has four color choices, all metallic or pearl effect paint.

It has 17-inch alloy wheels, xenon headlamps, and a bi-color five-arm design. The final thing comes at no cost, so that’s a good pro.

You can also get the mini car in a black styling package with a glossy black finish. The same goes for the roof. The gloss black color is everywhere, from the door mirror housings to the front grille surround.

The grille has a matte finish, which goes very well with the glossy black on the other parts. The matte finish is added to the number plate holder, and the fog light surrounds it.

It does not end there. The mini Audi A1 has leather seats that have a part-sport design. It also features a three-spoke steering wheel for the S Line.

The Ice Silver and Phantom Black color options also allow users a glossy black color option for the air vents. This means you can take the exterior look and add a touch of it inside the car too.

Checo Pérez Joins Button For A New Series Of ‘Tooned’

SkiddMark contacted the brand director of McLaren Marketing to find out if Lewis would be shifting to Mercedes in 2013.

The answer was that he would continue and finish the final six episodes. But he did not confirm whether Checo Perez would be joining the cast.

The blog also helped out readers who were new to this and did not know anything that happened in the past.

Lewis Hamilton has signed an agreement with Mercedes for their AMG Petronas for three years. This contract is supposed to start in 2013 when Lewis joins NicoRosberg.

All of this happened when Michael Schumacher stepped down from his role. For those who don’t know, he was a seven-time world champion and was a driver.

Sergio Perez and Jenson Button were replacing him. Both of these had multi-year deals, which meant they were supposed to work with Mercedes for quite some time.

It’s A Wrap For The UK Launch Of EA’s Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed is a very popular franchise in the gaming industry. It has been around for quite some time and gained so much traction that websites like SkiddMark also covered them.

The specific post that will be discussed here today is one that the blog wrote upon launching the historically popular game, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

The blog starts with the type of cars in the game, specifically the Lamborghini Reventon and the LP560-4.

The brand, Totally Dynamic, wrapped three Lamborghinis, so they could match up with the cars’ looks in the game.

That is pretty impressive. All of this was done at the Longcross Test Centre, which is in Surrey.

The event was far more complex than a simple game launch. The three Lamborghinis were used and driven by big names, such as Roll Deep, winners of the Urban Music Awards of that year.

They were returned in brand-new condition only after three days of use. The date they returned was the 28th of October.

The blog went on to state that a demo version of the game could be downloaded from EA’s website.

This would allow people to experience the game soon, so they could decide whether they would like to purchase it.

It was released on PC, PS3, Wii, and even the Xbox. The release date, according to the post, was November 11th, which was days away at the time of publishing this article.

The blog post also has dozens of pictures of the event, ranging from the three Lamborghinis to in-game screenshots.

All of this allowed readers to get all the information they needed, so they would not have to search or visit a separate website for them.

Joe Saward And David Tremayne Become Directors Of The Caterham Group

This was a pretty small blog post but an interesting one. It was when Grapevine was still a thing.

The author heard that famous David Tremayne and Joe Saward were joining the board of the Caterham Group.

They would be joining Tony Fernandes and Ansar Ali, who were already a part of the same board.

The blog details the positions of the top names of the company. Mike Gascoyne was promoted to the position of CTO.

He would now be the head of technical initiatives taken part in by the Caterham Group, mainly in F1 and GP2. Before that, Mike was the chief F1 designer of the company.

There were also new directors of the Caterham Cars Group Limited. The new names did not have a clear role, but it was certainly clear that an announcement was due soon.

There was also a link to their magazine, which is called the GP+ e-magazine.

How Can WVDOT Automotive Team Help You?

WVDOT Automotive has been a dedicated explorer of the automotive industry for many years.

With many acquisitions under its belt, especially of websites and businesses that have not been maintained, the brand is here to help viewers to get high-quality content.

The acquisition of SkiddMark has enabled the brand to reach a vast majority of the viewer base, which has been growing since 2010.

Both websites have had the sole focus of helping people get information about vehicles, new or old. This is a big common ground between the two.

So, after a lot of struggle, WVDOT has finally been able to acquire SkiddMark with the hope of serving a larger community.

WVDOT has been following the latest automotive trends for quite some time now. New vehicle releases to commonly used products that can be found on Amazon have all been covered here.

It has been constantly updated with a lot of content, so automotive enthusiasts don’t have an issue with not getting the information that is needed.

Some of the most commonly added article categories will be discussed below.

Motor vehicle laws are perhaps the most important things to know. They differ from state to state, just like the fines or legal actions.

So, it is necessary to be updated with them. WVDOT can proudly say that a majority of the states in the USA have been covered by them, with their respective laws and related topics.

If you have ever visited Amazon, you may find products with almost all positive ratings. But there is a not so small quantity of people that don’t think about those products in the same way.

Well, the product reviews section of WVDOT has covered many different products. From accessories, such as car seats, to replacement parts, such as shocks, there are many blog posts that readers will surely love to read.

At WVDOT, we believe in the power of knowledge. We know that when you learn the basic knowledge of automobile, you’re going to take better care of it.

That means fewer maintenance costs, more fun with your vehicle, and peace of mind when you’re on the road. So, we have also added many blog posts that share some maintenance tips and teach about the ins and outs of vehicles.

Our company is also dedicated to helping you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. We can help you diagnose problems with your car and recommend the best way to fix them.

We know that when you’re driving, you want to make sure your car is running at its best, so we’ll only recommend repairs that are necessary and affordable, and that too only after you have narrowed them down!

Lastly, we try to teach car safety. Our main goal is to help people understand how to keep themselves safe while driving. We believe that it’s never too early to start teaching your child how to be safe in and around a car.