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Everyone has their favorite website that they visit to get their daily news or to read the time. For most car enthusiasts, the website was SkiddMark. That being said, many people will be sad to see the website go, but not all is lost!

True fans of the site will be happy to hear that is now part of and the owner of this site is Tahir Azam. This means that you can enjoy the content you love, just on a different site. While this may be a big change for frequent readers, it is even more so for the people involved in the website.

This acquisition was done as the site was dormant for over a year. The last proper traces of SkiddMark can be found in May 2021, and after that, the site will redirect to

Moreover, it was done to breathe new life into the website and use its resources to better this website. I am sure this acquisition will give my readers the content they deserve. If you want to know the rest of the story, stick around till the end of the article!

History Of SkiddMark

Originally, SkiddMark operated under the name of Drivers Republic. The website was founded in 2007 and was done so with the belief that writers of digital content had to adapt and form better skills.

This belief would translate directly into its content geared towards spreading news, awareness, and entertainment to its readers. The website itself was launched in 2008.

The people behind the website claim they were the first to create a social community platform for cars. Soon after, a year after its launch, the website grew rapidly, having more than 250,000 unique users.

Since then, the website has delivered high-quality articles to its fans and readers. They made it their mission to provide car news that was more than just surface level, talking about stories that everyone could relate to.

Who Was The Owner Of SkiddMark?

SkiddMark/Driver’s Republic was founded by Steve Davies, who partnered with Rich Meaden. Rich was a Co-founder of Evo Magazine. Additionally, Jethro Bovingdon and Chris Harris were also part of the crew and were talented in magazine writing.

This was the primary founding team of the website. Out of the four members, only Steve lacked journalistic skills. Instead, he was more of a financial manager and brought the initial investment for the website. While there was no main owner of the website, you instead had a talented team of 4 behind the website, running it as best as they could.

What Happened To SkiddMark?

To understand what happened to SkiddMark, you need to know what happened to Driver’s Republic. As I mentioned above, four people were mainly in charge of the website.

There would be a falling out between the 4. As described by a blog post by Steve, there was a difference in the vision and future priorities of the website, which eventually led to a parting of ways.

The website resurfaced later on as SkiddMark and retained the same level of quality, but this did not last. The website seems to have, migrated to another website called Transmission One, leaving the SkiddMark brand without much to its name.

What Is

This website is the spiritual successor to SkiddMark and deals with motorsports and car-related journeys. Not only does this website deal with cars and the stories about them, but it also talks about the people who drive them.

Most Viewed SkiddMark’s News

To give you an idea of the type of content that SkiddMark has, I’ll talk about a few of the website’s best interviews and articles. This will show you the website’s quality and the topics you can expect on my website.

1. Interview: The Next Big Thing: Ferrari’s Jules Bianchi

This interview with Jules Bianchi talks about events before, during, and after an accident of which the racer was a part. The interview gives readers a look into the French Racer’s mindset and thoughts on the accident. It also discusses the accident in-depth and the racer’s future.

2. Felipe Massa And Marc Gene Lead A Record-Breaking Parade Of Ferraris at Silverstone

This article talks about the shattering of a world record. The article is quick and to the point but expertly covers the entire event. It talks about the previous record and its effort to break it. In addition, pictures were also included to show the scale of the event.

3. SkiddMark Joins Team BMW Rahal Letterman At The Sebring 12Hrs

To keep the viewer in the loop of all the affairs regarding BMW, the team at SkiddMark went out to the Sebring. The entire article is a great read that details the journey to the location and the race itself.

4. Audi Releases New A6 And A7 Black Edition Versions

For those who want to keep in the now regarding new releases, the website was also on top of all the latest cars coming out. This quick article talks about the Audi A6 & A7 and the specifications they come out with. Additionally, they also talk about the price of the car.

5. The Accidental Hero – An Interview With Ken Block

An all-around great interview, this piece by the website delves into the mind of Ken Block and how he became so successful. It talks extensively about the Gymkhana World Tour and the individual’s entrepreneurial mindset. You can also read up on little tidbits of information about the racer.

6. Audi’s A1 S Line Style Edition Makes The MINI Look Cheap

I have already talked about how the website updates you about new car arrivals, but this article also compares the car to other cars and trims. In this example, the Audi A1 S Style Edition has all its features listed and is worth gauging.

7. Checo Pérez Joins Button For A New Series Of ‘Tooned’

Tooned was a 12-part animation series to bring McLaren to wider audiences. While not many people would normally care about things like this, SkiddMark took the extra step. They inquire about the status of the animation by talking to key figures involved in its making.

8. It’s A Wrap For The UK Launch Of EA’s Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit

You wouldn’t expect an automobile website to talk about video games, but if that game has cars, you can be sure that SkiddMark will cover it. This article details the launch event of the game, which featured a variety of Lamborghinis. It also talks about where you can play the game as well.

9. Joe Saward And David Tremayne Become Directors Of The Caterham Group

This is yet another quick read put by the website. This piece talks about the directors. It lists out the directors and leaves speculation for future developments. In conclusion, it is a fast and efficient news update to keep you in the loop of any developments.

How Will WVDOT Team Support You?

Websites must provide you with accurate and critical information as quickly as possible. You can rely on WVDOT to provide this information as quickly as possible. My team and I are committed to providing you with the quality content you deserve.

It is my vision to make this website the go-to place to learn the basic knowledge of the automobile and the rules of the road. This means that you can find many articles here that can teach you the basics of cars and the dos and don’ts.

All of this also corresponds to general laws of the road, laws set by the state, and other motor vehicle laws. For those who want to read about a certain car or component before purchasing it, the website has a plethora of product reviews. You can use them to look into the best and worst years of your chosen lineup and see if it is good.

I am constantly adding more of these reviews and even providing various articles about specific components of the cars. All of this is done so that you may easily have a gauge on which car/component is worth your money.

Additionally, it is my job to keep you in the loop of the latest tips and tricks when it comes to cars. These could be basic maintenance tips or ways to improve the life of your car.

I have a variety of articles that go over such tips and how you can utilize them to the maxim. Furthermore, I have an assortment of articles on car safety that you can take advantage of. Reading those can keep you safe and maybe even reduce your chances of getting into an accident.


I, for one, am excited and happy to welcome SkiddMark into the WVDOT family. With this website now a part of mine, I can ensure that future articles have more quality to their name. This will be extremely beneficial to my readers and the audience of SkiddMark.

Overall, this acquisition can be used as a major enhancement tool to better focus on articles and make them even more worthwhile. Make sure to keep track of WVDOT for future articles, as they will be better than ever!