The United States has an extensive network of roadways to facilitate the drivers of and between all 50 states. One thing to note is that not all these roads are the same.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the United States has over 4 million miles of public roads. These include local roads, city streets, and rural roads.

State and local governments maintain all these public roads. In addition to public roads, the United States has over 160,000 miles of state highways.

These roads are typically maintained by their respective state government and are used for travel between towns and cities. The country also has over 3,000 miles of turnpikes, which are toll roads. They are usually built and maintained by private companies and are used for long-distance travel.

Interstate Highways are a key component of the US road network. Built and maintained by the federal government, they are designed for high-speed & long-distance travel.

They total over 47,000 miles of highways. National Highways are also maintained by the federal government and consist of over 50,000 miles of roads. These roads typically connect major cities and tourist destinations across the country.

The United States also has over 20,000 miles of National Scenic Byways. These roads have been designated for their outstanding scenic and natural qualities. Lastly, the country has around 600,000 bridges. Many of these are maintained by state and local governments.

Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect from US roadways:

  1. 4 million miles of road in total
  2. 160,000 miles of state highway
  3. 3,000 miles of turnpikes
  4. 47,000 miles of interstate highways
  5. 50,000 miles of national highways
  6. 20,000 miles of National Scenic Byways
  7. 600,000 bridges