Traversing mountains, valleys, wild rivers and rolling countryside, the roadways maintained by WVDOT include:

  • 37,370 miles of public roads
  • 34,610 miles of state highway
  • 88 miles of the West Virginia Turnpike
  • 549 miles of Interstate highway (out of the nation’s 46,068)
  • 1,736 miles of the National Highway System (out of the nation’s 158,920)
  • 6,343 bridges, of which 32 percent are more than 100 feet in length
  • 2 national and 8 state scenic byways

Roadways connect West Virginians to their neighbors both in- and out-of-state. The more than 5,000 men and women of the Division of Highways (DOH) are proud to preserve the quality and integrity of this world-class mountain transportation system.

Highway Resources:

WVDOT Division of Highways

American Association of State Highway &
Transportation Officials)

• Federal Highway Administration
• U.S. Department of Transportation