I-68 Extension Now Eligible for Federal Funding

The I 68 extension was a proposed project to extend the I68 highway in Western Maryland. Its extension was in the works for several years. The project aimed to improve transportation and economic development in the region.

The proposed extension would run from the I 68 and I 70 interchange in Hancock, Maryland, to the existing I68 in Morgantown, West Virginia. This extension would span over 60 miles and include several a myriad of new interchanges and bridges.

The extension received support from state and local officials on top of local businesses and residents. This was primarily because the extension was a way to improve access to jobs, education, and healthcare. It would also provide an alternative route for truck traffic, reducing congestion on other highways and improving safety.

The project would be deemed eligible for federal funding. This should have resulted in a significant development for the project, as it would now move forward with the federal government’s support.

This federal funding would come from the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program. This program provided funding for transportation projects that improve safety and mobility. Moreover, the program is administered by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

The project now has the necessary funds to complete the extension construction. In all regards, the project should have easily gone forwards, but the amount of funds would not last long. Funding from the government was pulled, and the project soon sank under.

At the moment, the project’s future remains uncertain. Without a clear plan or funding, it is difficult to say whether the project will move forward or be canceled.