What Is The Length Of A Ford F-150? Will It Fit In My Garage?

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As exciting as buying a new pickup truck is, it is essential to consider the F150 length. It would be best if you didn’t overlook the lengths of the crew cab and the bed. After all, that’s the only time you can tell if the new vehicle will fit your garage or accommodate your load and crew.

As far as F150 length is concerned, the answer is not a constant but rather a range. That’s because of the different bed lengths and cab configurations that Ford avails to its users. This range of f150 length is from 209.1 inches to 250.3 inches.

In this article, we will discuss these figures more. So, how long is a Ford F150? How long is a Ford F150 Crew Cab? Additionally, how long is the Bed of a Ford 150? Read on for these answers and much more.

What Is The Figure For F150 Length?

As mentioned earlier, the F150 length ranges from one model to the other. Significant determinants of the variance are bed lengths and crew cab configurations. Let us take a look at the various length. Since the cab configuration determines the length, we will group the F150 lengths by the same.

1. Regular Cab

It is important to note that it is the smallest option as far as F150 is concerned. This configuration offers two doors and lacks the back seat. The length of your truck is determined by the length of this cab size and the bed length you choose.

If you choose a 6.5-food bed, the F150 length will be 209.1 inches. That’s your shortest option. On the other hand, an 8-food bed makes the F150 length stand at 227.7 inches.

2. SuperCab

It is your second option which is larger than the regular cab. It has two main doors, two back doors that are small than the main ones, and a small rear seat. This particular option allows you to use up to 3-bed sizes.

If you combine the SuperCab and a 6.5-footbed, the Ford 150 length will be relatively short, measuring 231.7 inches.

As for the combination of the SuperCab and an 8-foot bed, the length automatically increases to 250.3 inches. As a result, the 8-foot bed and SuperCab configuration is the longest combination you can ever find with F150.

3. SuperCrew Cab

As far as cab configurations go, this is the largest of the 3. It offers four full-size doors and a spacious back seat. In addition, it offers you the liberty to choose between two bed lengths. One of them is a 5.5-footbed that makes the F150 length 231.7 inches.

The second one is the 6.5-foot Bed which gives you an F150 length of 243.5 inches. The 8-foot Bed is not an option in this case.

How Long Is The Bed Of A Ford 150?

When buying an F150, it is only right that you have the answer to this question. One thing that can help you make that call is how you intend to use your F150 truck. For example, if you want to carry more passengers, you might end up giving up on the bed size.

On the other hand, if you want a huge load capacity, it goes without saying that the big bed size is the best shot. However, you may want both, which is also a viable option.

This segment discusses your options to help make a choice right by you. You should expect three options. The cab and the trim you settle for will determine what you get as the bed size. Here is an overview of the three bed length and a few other details.

1.  8-Foot Styleside

In this case, the bed length will be 97.6 inches. On the other hand, the width and the height will be 50.6 inches and 21.4 inches, respectively. The cargo box volume will be about 77.3 cubic feet. For this option, go for the super cab and regular cab models.

2.  6.5-Foot Styleside

The length of this bed size is 78.9 inches, whereas the width and height are similar to that of the previous bed size. So, the height is 21.4 inches, and the width is 50.6 inches. Its cargo box volume is around 62.3 cubic feet. The option is available in all trim levels and cab sizes.

3. 5.5-Foot Styleside

If you go for this bed size, expect the length to be 67.1 inches. But, again, the other dimensions are no different, with the height standing at 21.4 inches and the width at 50.6 inches.

As you select the Ford 150 length for the Bed, don’t overlook the number of passengers the cabin can accommodate. For instance, the regular cab accommodates three seats. On the other hand, the number of seats for SuperCab and SuperCrew ranges between 5 and 6.

F150 offers incredible features worth noting when it comes to their beds. They include loading ramps and side steps, releasing the tailgate remotely, and a tailgate step integrated with the lift assist. Others are LED box lights and the BoxLink system that’s flexible and configurable.

How Long Is A Ford F150 Crew Cab?

The length of the Ford F150 crew is basically what’s left after deducting the total length from the bed length. It is essential to keep in mind the size of your crew when making this call.

You don’t want a situation whereby you don’t have enough people to offload your clue. Each cab configuration has its dimensions, and these are the details.

1. Regular Cab

It can accommodate up to 3 people and only available for two trim levels. The headroom measures 40.8 inches, whereas the length of the legroom is 43.9 inches. Behind the front seats, the cargo volume is 8.8 cubic feet.

2. SuperCab

It is a configuration available to three trim levels and can accommodate six crew members comfortably. When it comes to the headroom, the front measures 40.8 inches while the rear one goes up to 40.3 inches.

The legroom, the front and rear, measure 43.9 inches and 33.5 inches, respectively. Your truck will have a cargo volume of 30.6 cubic feet behind its front seats

3. SuperCrew Cab

As far as the number of seats is concerned, this cab configuration ties with the previous one. However, as much as the seats are the same, the legroom is relatively large. You can get features such as under-seat storage (rare) and maximum recline seats in some trims.

The front headroom measures 40.8 inches, whereas the length of its rear counterpart is 40.4 inches. On the other hand, the front and rear legroom measure 43.9 inches and 43.6 inches, respectively.

Behind its front seats, it can accommodate cargo of up to a volume of 50.9 cubic feet. Its bed options are 6.5-foot and 6.6-foot sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the lengths of F-150.

Q1. How Does The Ford F150 Length Compare With Ram 1500?

First of all, one must acknowledge that Ram 1500 doesn’t have the small cab option. When it comes to the medium cab configuration, it has a length of 228.9 inches.

Therefore, the F150 length is longer than Ram 1500 if you equip it with an 8-foot Bed.

On the other hand, the large cab option offers Ram 1500 owners with two options determined by the bed length. Therefore, the total truck length can be 232.9 inches or 241.8 inches.

Q2. What About Ford F150 Length Vs. That Of Chevrolet Silverado 1500?

Last but not least, the Silverado largest cab configuration can result in lengths of 231.7 inches or 241.7 inches which depends on the bed size you choose. The smallest cab size of Silverado has a length of 229.5 inches, whereas the medium one measures 231.7 inches. Compared with the F150 length, this is smaller.

Q3. What If The Length Of F150 Is Bigger Than My Garage?

I would say you don’t give up on your choice just yet. At least not until you evaluate if you need all the exterior accessories. You can get rid of unnecessary things, including the exterior tow package and the light bar.

If you don’t need such accessories, removing them could make a lot of difference. However, if the width is the issue, consider folding the side mirrors as you enter the garage and see if that changes your situation.


Thanks to the article, you now have the answers to those questions above I provided. So, it will be easy to decide on even the bed sizes and cab configurations.

Ford F150 length is relatively big compared to that of its close competitors. However, keep in mind that the bed size and the cab option you choose will determine the total length.