7 Best Running Boards For Toyota Tacoma

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Since the Toyota Tacoma is so massive, passengers, including yourself, might be a hassle to climb it. Buying running boards will help make it easier to climb and keep the interior free from any dirt or debris. Finding the perfect match for yourself may be hard.

However, if you lack the specific knowledge then I have brought a list of the top and the best running boards for Toyota Tacoma.

All the products on today’s article have been carefully chosen, and I have only brought the most popular ones with the top feedback. However, make sure when purchasing that the one you choose best suits your personal needs and style.

7 Top Rated Toyota Tacoma Running Boards Comparisons


Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 Star Armor Running Boards Kit

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 Star Armor Running Boards Kit

APS Black 6 Inches Tubular Drop Down Style Nerf Bars Running Boards APS Black 6 Inches Tubular Drop Down Style Nerf Bars Running Boards

TAC Black Side Bars Nerf Bars Running Boards TAC Black Side Bars Nerf Bars Running Boards

APS iBoard Running Boards 5in Black APS iBoard Running Boards 5in Black

Tyger Auto 4 Inch TG-RS2T40158 Riser Running Boards Tyger Auto 4 Inch TG-RS2T40158 Riser Running Boards


MaxMate Side Step Rails Nerf Bars Running Boards

MaxMate Side Step Rails Nerf Bars Running Boards

OEDRO 6 OEDRO 6″ Side Step Upgraded Running Boards


1. Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 Star Armor Running Boards Kit

My top pick for today is the Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 Star Armor Running Boards Kit.

This product is a very stylish addition to your Toyota Tacoma and will help you enter your truck more easily. Not only this, your truck will be protected against side bumps after installing this product.

Usually, these running boards are used to enhance the look of the Toyota Tacoma, giving it a more stylish and pleasant look while also protecting the sides of your truck.

This product has textured metallic bars helping it look so great and stylish. In addition, it has 2-inch diameter tubes for building it, which are also heavy duty.

These bars also have a matte finish. The matte finish helps resist water during wet conditions. Because of this, even during rainy conditions, your feet will barely ever slip off, making the product much safer than other running boards in rainy conditions.

Moreover, these running boards feature a one-piece design. This design also helps make the running boards quite durable, because of which they will last you a pretty long time without any damage.

In addition to this, these boards are pretty strong; helping them resists all of the weight put on them. The weight capacity is up to 500 lbs on each side which is pretty insane. Repeated stepping on the running boards will cause dirt and debris to build upon them.

Fortunately, cleaning these boards is also very easy. All you need to do is use a mild soap. The installation process is also bolt on and pretty easy.

For this reason, you can easily install these at home and don’t need to go to a professional for that, which will save you costs. Moreover, this product comes with a five year no hassle warranty, which is a lot in receiving a defective product.

However, these running boards are prone to rust. Therefore they might start looking old after only a short time of using them.
  • Stylish
  • Performs well in wet conditions due to matte finishing
  • One-piece design
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Five years no hassle warranty
  • Prone to rusting

Overall, the durability and stylish design make this product number one on the best Toyota Tacoma running boards.

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 Star Armor Running Boards Kit
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2. APS Black 6 Inches Tubular Drop Down Style Nerf Bars Running Boards

These APS Black 6 Inches Tubular Drop Down Style Nerf Bars Running Boards have a very strong build quality, allowing them to stay intact when put under high weight. Moreover, these running pads also have a very stylish look.

You can choose from different bodies. These are carbon steel and aluminum materials. These materials make the running pads durable and pretty strong. This product also features a special drop-down design.

In addition, there is a powder coating making the product look much better overall. The powder coating also protects against damage and rusting in addition to the attractive look. The installation process for these running pads is probably the easiest out of all the products on the list today.

For this reason, even with little to no experience, you will be able to easily install these at home by yourself without needing to go to a professional.

The process will also only take a few hours, so now you can easily do it without spending some extra money on anything. Also, if you know the process and have some experience, it can take less than an hour to do it, which is very fast.

Moreover, these running boards are also the perfect fit for your Toyota Tacoma. It will fit pretty closely and tightly to several vehicles, making them look professional.

The construction is very strong and durable with a matte finish, making it look so attractive. And lastly, these boards will prevent any ice build-up during the winter because slippage might occur, making it a different choice.

However, these running boards do not come with any spare parts. This, in my opinion, should not be too much of a problem because this product will keep itself safe against damage anyways. No spare parts aren’t even needed.
  • Strong build quality
  • Come in carbon steel and aluminum materials
  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Fit perfectly
  • Avoid ice build-up in the winters
  • Do not come with spare parts

This is the easiest to install product out of all of them, and once installed, these strong and durable boards will last you a long time.

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3. TAC Black Side Bars Nerf Bars Running Boards

The next product is the TAC Black Side Bars Nerf Bars Running Boards. The design of these running boards are much simpler than the others.

As compared to other running boards that have robust and complex designs, these only have a 4-inch diameter tube for each one.

Because of this, these running boards have a downgrade structure making them more affordable than the other ones. Even though the design is so much simplified, the quality of the product is not compromised.

These running boards are still very durable. Because of this, these will last very long without getting ruined or damaged in a short time. The build quality is also excellent.

Therefore, there will be no cracks, deformations or bending in these running boards. They also have a high-quality finishing. These step pads have a matte surface, making them look good.

Moreover, the coating is UV resistant, helping in harsh weather. Apart from this, these pads are no slip. This will help keep you safe if you’re in a hurry and make stepping into the truck much simpler.

The running pads also perform well in wet, rainy conditions. This will prevent any slippage during the rain, making it stand out from the other products.

The material also makes the running pads resistant to rust, keeping these pads looking fresh over a long time. A 3 year no hassle warranty will help you receive a defective product, so you don’t have to worry about that.

These running boards will fit the 2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma perfectly. No cutting or drilling is required for the installation process. There are six bolts on each side for the process. These bolts are coated and also very strong.

However, these boards have a slim design. In addition, the mounting hardware coming in the packaging is also of poor quality.
  • Simple one-piece design
  • Durable
  • UV resistant coating
  • Non-slip
  • Three years no hassle warranty
  • Slim design
  • Poor quality mounting hardware

Overall, this one-piece design makes these boards very simple, which, although it makes them a bit less strong than the other, helps them stand out from the other ones in terms of looks. The quality, however, isn’t much compromised.

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4. APS iBoard Running Boards 5in Black

The next product is the APS iBoard Running Boards 5in Black. These boards are made of very strong aluminum material.

This material is wrapped in rubber. This helps the pads to be strong and durable.

Therefore, even putting on a lot of weight will not damage these stepping boards. Also, being quite durable, these running boards will last you a pretty long time.

This is great as you won’t have to replace the running pads again and again after purchasing them once.

Moreover, these boards are rust-free, making them look new and fresh for a long time after their purchase. It is important to note that the aluminum made of is very hard, helping lift the quality.

After a lot of testing with putting a lot of weight on these running boards, it is safe to say that they will not deform on the crack under such conditions.

In addition, the rubber used on the exterior makes them slip-free. This is helpful, especially for people who find it harder to climb, making them safe to use.

Moreover, these pads will also perform well during the rain, as the rubber makes it impossible to slip no matter how wet the surface is.

They feature a low profile design that causes them to stick lower to the ground, making it so convenient for short heighted people, especially children. This design is not featured in other running boards making this standout from the crowd.

The aircraft-grade 6061-T6 Aluminum build just makes the quality of the product much better than other ones. The step pad is 5 inches and has full coverage.

However, because the design of these step pads is very simple, they don’t look quite that attractive.

In addition, even though these are durable, the rubber surface is prone to scratching and getting damaged; making it looks old after only a short time.

If you go to terrains usually then these pads might get pretty damaged.

  • Strong aircraft grade 6061-T6 Aluminum build
  • Durable
  • High weight capacity
  • Perform well in wet conditions
  • Low profile design
  • Not very attractive
  • Rubber coating prone to damage and scratching

Overall, these running boards offer a simple stock design and are also very convenient to use. Some customers, however, may not prefer the look, which is the biggest disadvantage of this product.

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5. Tyger Auto 4 Inch TG-RS2T40158 Riser Running Boards

Next up, I have the Tyger Auto 4 Inch TG-RS2T40158 Riser Running Boards. Tyger Auto is a trusted brand for car accessories, and this is another one of their top quality products.

The installation process of these running pads is quite easy and convenient. This is because of the easy bolt-on installation.

Even if you are not familiar with installing this product, you won’t find it too much of a hassle to try to install this one.

For this reason, you won’t be feeling like needing to go to a professional. It is also very quick and will take around an hour, and if you are aware of the process, even much lesser than that.

Moreover, it comes with 4-inch wide bars. These are very heavy duty and strong and will perform well under a lot of weight. Moreover, there is mild steel tubing as well as a black powder coating.

This makes these running boards very durable, helping them last as long as possible, so you won’t have to replace them or have them look damaged. The coating keeps any rusting away while also protecting them against any UV damage.

Tyger Auto also has really good customer service, which will assist you whenever you need them, so if you want a company that will help you with issues, then Tyger Auto is the one.

This is a great product that is comfortable and durable, all while being low on the budget, making it a good value for the money.

However, the height of these step pads is pretty high. Because of this reason, some individuals might find it quite uncomfortable to climb these up. For example, these will not help children.
  • Easy and quick bolt-on installation
  • 4-inch wide bars
  • Black powder coating
  • Rust and UV resistant coating
  • Great customer service
  • Too high for some passengers

These step pads are pretty easy to install and also very strong and durable. Combined with the awesome customer service, this makes this product one of the best picks.

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6. MaxMate Side Step Rails Nerf Bars Running Boards

Another great set of running boards for the Toyota Tacoma are the MaxMate Side Step Rails Nerf Bars Running Boards.

These step pads are unique in terms of their design. These stainless steel step pads made from chrome and iron will easily fit your truck. The stainless steel build makes these running more so durable.

These will last you a pretty long time. The support is also pretty great when considering the low price. These will support up to 300 lbs of weight. The dimensions of these running pads are 74, 4 and 16 inches.

The installation is so easy and fast it can be done in minutes. It is simple and bolt-on and can be easily done at home without spending money on a professional.

All of the mounting hardware and the instructions are included in the packaging. You won’t have to make an extra effort in purchasing the mounting hardware.

Moreover, the holes are pre-drilled. Therefore you won’t need to drill in yourself to install these running boards.

In addition, the round tubing is 3 inches. According to some customers, it took them only 20 minutes to install, which is faster than the other products.

However, these running boards are very close to the factory floor, which defeats the whole purpose of getting these for assistance for getting into the car. If, however, you don’t need these for assistance, then these are great. For example, they will help you reach the roof.
  • Stainless steel material
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Easy to install
  • Mounting hardware for installation included
  • Too close to the factory floor

If you do not need the stepping pads for assistance to get into the truck, this product is great, as it is very strong and durable.

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7. OEDRO 6″ Side Step Upgraded Running Boards

So finally the last product on the list today is the OEDRO 6″ Side Step Upgraded Running Boards.

These are robust. Therefore, they will perform their function very well as they can withstand a lot of weight.

In addition, these running boards are also very reliable and will last you very long without getting damaged at all.

They will also offer side protection for your truck. A multi-bar design is included, which helps this product give really good support for stepping in.

Therefore, even if you put on a lot of weight, these will not deform, crack or break at all. These bars also have very decent looking steps. The surface of these steps is non-slip.

Therefore, these will help keep you safe in case you’re in a hurry. In addition, these are perfect for use if you have children or passengers that find it harder to climb. They are also 6 inches which will also assist larger feet.

The installation process does not require any drilling and is also pretty easy and can be done easily at home by yourself.

You won’t feel like needing to go to a professional even if you’re not much experienced. In addition, OEDRO also has a tutorial video on how to install this, so that should not be a problem at all.

There are a few issues with this product, however. These do not make your truck look polished due to their design and look. In addition, you will have to drill holes to install these, making them hard to mount.
  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Multibar support
  • Non-slip steps
  • Easy installation process
  • Unattractive design
  • Hard to mount

This product is another great option, even though some customers may not like the design. If you’re okay with the look, though, then the performance of these running pads isn’t quite bad.

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What To Look For When Buying Running Boards For Your Toyota Tacoma

If you’re looking for running boards for your Toyota Tacoma but aren’t sure where to start, I am here to help.

I have put together this guide to help you find your vehicle’s best running boards.

Choose One That Matches Your Truck’s Finish

One of the many things you need to do when shopping for running boards is to choose the right one that matches your truck’s finish.

It won’t look right and will stick out like a sore thumb if it doesn’t. For example, if your Tacoma has black paint, get black running boards.

Choose The Correct Type

It’s very important to choose the correct type. Let’s find out the types below:

1. Simple Boards

These are the most basic type of running board and are typically made from plastic or aluminum. These are usually the cheapest option and require the least amount of work when installing them. They cover the entire side of the truck, so passengers can easily get in the Tacoma.

2. Electric Boards

Electric boards are the least common type used. They come out when the door is opened. They’re convenient and easy to use, but there’s no practical difference compared to traditional ones. Also, these boards are expensive because they utilize electronics and motors.

3. Nerf Bars

Nerf bars have a cylindrical shape and are usually the same length as running boards. Some people prefer these because they don’t interfere with the look of their truck as much as traditional running boards do.

4. Side Steps

Side steps are shorter than running boards and are more for practical use than aesthetic. They are installed under the most used door for getting in and out of a truck.

The main reason of listing all these types is, you should know which one will be most suitable for you. You should choose accordingly so your needs are met.

Consider The Height

The height is one of the most important factors when it comes to running boards. There are running boards installed close to the truck floor’s height, making them useless as they are not fulfilling their purpose.

You want to find something lower than the truck floor so that getting in and out is made easier. Or else, there is no point in buying a running board for your Tacoma.

How To Install Running Boards On Your Toyota Tacoma

Installing running boards for your Toyota Tacoma is a simple process. You will only need a few tools and a little bit of time. Once you have your running boards installed, you can enjoy easy access to your truck.

  1. The first thing to do is to check if you have all of the hardware presents. There should be six brackets and three pairs of different bolts and washers to go with them.
  2. The next thing to do is to install the brackets. There are two possible variations of the process here. You may need to install the brackets on the board or the frame first.
  3. Use the appropriate bolts to keep the installation in place. Make sure not to tighten them up, as additional adjustments may be needed.
  4. The next step is to install the running board with the truck. The other pairs of washers and bolts will be used here.
  5. Tighten all the nuts to ensure the running board is not moving. Do this after confirming that the steps are directly below the door or at a point where you would like.

You will need to repeat the process for the passenger side, and that will be it. You are ready to use your Toyota Tacoma in a much more practical fashion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Running Boards Worth It?

Running boards are accessories that will help everyone take the dirt off of their shoes when entering them. This will also make it much easier for passengers to enter or exit your car, for maximum convenience.

Especially for trucks, as it is harder to get in, it will be much easier. After installing running boards, you will also find the interior much cleaner if used to wipe off feet. They are kind of like doormats.

Q2. Do Running Boards Prevent Door Dings?

Actually, no. Running boards do not protrude out far enough to help with door dings. However, some running boards might be big enough to help with smaller car doors.

If you want to avoid door dings, parking your car far away from other vehicles is the best option, especially the larger ones.

Another way would be to use car protection. Running boards are for support when entering and exiting and are not that big, they will not help much with door dings.

Q3. Do Running Boards Affect Gas Mileage?

Usually, as running boards are heavy, they will affect gas mileage because they add weight to the truck. However, the difference isn’t that huge.

Running boards can improve gas mileage if you use electric, retractable running boards. Fixed boards will not affect the gas mileage positively, however.

Q4. Do Trucks Look Better With Running Boards?

Because running boards are placed closer to the ground, they can help give your truck a more streamlined look when looked at from the side. Because the running boards are so close to the ground, the entire vehicle looks closer.

Apart from this, running boards will also protect your truck from any random debris and keep your truck interior cleaner overall. They will help shorter passengers or those who find it harder to easily step in.


What can I get out of buying running boards for my Tacoma? And which one should I choose? Read my guide

Before choosing which running board to buy for your Toyota Tacoma, make sure to check a few things. These are the weight capacity if it can handle all the weight you’re planning to put on?

Next is the cab length of your truck and if the product will fit perfectly? Make sure you check the material it is made of and if it is durable enough?

If the product is safe enough to use that any slipping will be avoided. All of the products on this list have received excellent feedback.

However, the best running boards for Toyota Tacoma are definitely the Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 Star Armor Running Boards Kit. This product is not only stylish but also heavy-duty and will perform its job well.

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