10 Best Exhaust Systems For Toyota Tundra Reviews

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Have you recently got Toyota Tundra and are you wondering about its exhaust systems? If you do got one and are eagerly searching to get the right product, then this is just the place for you.

Here is your chance to find out the best exhaust systems for your Toyota Tundra. Toyota tundra is indeed a car that requires good maintenance and care.

This heavy truck was declared one of the best in the market in 2019, and it still hasn’t lost its spark and fame. For such a beauty of a truck, its exhaust systems must give outstanding performance.

So without any delay, let’s start the article!

10 Top Rated Toyota Tundra Exhausts Comparisons


Flowmaster 817692 Outlaw Stainless Steel Aggressive Sound Cat-Back Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817692 Outlaw Stainless Steel Aggressive Sound Cat-Back Exhaust System

Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013 Metal Mulisha Stainless Steel Exhaust System Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013 Metal Mulisha Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Borla 140332 Cat-Back Exhaust System Borla 140332 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Walker 50459 Resonator Assembly Walker 50459 Resonator Assembly

Genuine Toyota Parts PTR03-34101 TRD Cat-Back Exhaust System Genuine Toyota Parts PTR03-34101 TRD Cat-Back Exhaust System

MagnaFlow 15306 Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System Kit MagnaFlow 15306 Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System Kit


Walker 18954 SoundFX Muffler

Walker 18954 SoundFX Muffler

Borla 140238 Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System Borla 140238 Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817708 Outlaw Extreme Kit, Base Product Flowmaster 817708 Outlaw Extreme Kit, Base Product

Gibson 67501 Stainless Steel Dual Extreme Cat-Back Exhaust System Gibson 67501 Stainless Steel Dual Extreme Cat-Back Exhaust System


1. Flowmaster 817692 Outlaw Stainless Steel Aggressive Sound Cat-Back Exhaust System

Here is my first product; I present you the Flowmaster 817692 Exhaust System.

I choose this one to be in the top 10 due to its excellent details and exciting features, it’s perfect for all those tundra lovers to look for maximum level sound capacity.

It gives all the benefits that a customer should expect from a product. The entire system is designed with stainless steel along with an aggressive dual inlet series muffler.

They have a loud exhaust. However, its deep tone is quite pleasing for the customers, and they do appreciate it surprisingly.

It’s a custom-designed product made from the finest materials, designed by experienced craftsmen, and given a high polished finish.

Moreover, these comes with a dynamic and bold exterior plus interior tone that are enough for the customer’s satisfaction.

When coming to its installation, customers find it simple and fast—making it user-friendly. It is pretty simple and straight forwards to install in your heavy truck compared to all those outdated ones. This is a plus point I find helping along with its structural resilience.

Another point to be noted, the manufacturer is proudly giving a one-year warranty, so that’s another burden off the shoulder.

Some customers have claimed that it has excellent airflow, but the pipes have weak piping clamps, which may cause loud noise for many drivers.
  • Creating aggressive sounds, appreciated by monster truck lovers
  • Construction is durable, with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy and fast installation process
  • Airflow is not restricted
  • Weak piping clamps can be improved
  • Noise can be improved

After doing my research, I believe that if you’re looking for exhausts with highly manufactured details, easy installation, and a one-year warranty, then look no further. This is the right fit for you!

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05/18/2023 10:04 am GMT

2. Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013 Metal Mulisha Stainless Steel Exhaust System

The next exhaust I have for your truck is indeed an interesting one; I have personally selected this product to become a part of the article for several reasons, one being that it provides big mandrel bend pipes to give deep sound which automatically means low noise.

The Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013 is a custom-crafted product with outstanding torque and horsepower provided by a tubing of mandrel-bent stainless steel, and it promises free-flowing power for a lifetime.

Having a unique functioning system, they are getting very positive reviews. Another essential feature is that its highly engineered exhaust system is designed for awesome performance, such as towing.

It is an economical choice for tundra lovers, and its Superflow muffler is involved in giving out the most aggressive tone for exhausts.

From what I believe, a truck needs to be a little more on edge with the audio. This brand is providing you efficient volume without restricted flow.

Welded construction is of high quality and remains durable during its performance. These are built and designed to survive extreme temperatures and uncomfortable road conditions, they are installed quickly without welding and give a lifetime warranty.

Manufacturer of high-class quality and long-lasting products that give no to little drawbacks, only that it costs a little more than other options on the market.
  • Nice and compelling tone
  • Economical for 2007-2017 Tundra models
  • Impressive torque and horsepower
  • Construction is of high quality
  • Expensive than other similar options

I prefer this product as it works great for Tundra 2007-17 covering a wide range of models. I can say that the Gibson does come with a decent roaring sound, a little hum on the highway can be expected, but you can gradually get used to it.

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05/18/2023 08:04 am GMT

3. Borla 140332 Cat-Back Exhaust System

So, my third choice among the top three is a little costlier, but I am sure you’ll see why. Due to its high-quality features, it just can’t be obtained at a lower price.

The Borla 140332 Cat-Back Exhaust System is designed to unlock your truck’s horsepower, making it forceful and low fuel consumption.

The company has used a technology that built these with different capabilities; one of them is a system that gives open airflow by its mandrel bends.

The components are put together so that it is durable and is resistant to even major blows and thuds. The installation is not that complicated, and there is a manual for getting these exhausts installed; you’ll love how your Tundra sounds and feels.

You’ll slowly notice the increased response in your truck’s engine, plus your fuel cost will also decrease, making it a more desirable choice in my article. The improvement that you will notice instantly is how smooth your acceleration tone becomes.

A few buyers complained about the installation process needing a little bending of these pipes to fit them properly.
  • Economical in terms of fuel cost
  • Strong and durable stainless steel is provided
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Mandrel bends are used for the sounds
  • They are costlier than most of the options available
  • The exhaust might have to be bent into different positions while installing

I would highly recommend this product to all the Tundra users out there; if you can afford then do go for it.

This will make your truck’s drive a lot faster, easily accelerated and low fuel consumption. It’s so flexible that it can fit into any model easily. It will require some positioning adjustments.

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4. Walker 50459 Resonator Assembly

After enough research, I came across the Walker 50459 Resonator Assembly. These are totally designed for Tundra models 2005-2006.

So if any of you own these two models, you’re in luck; this system could be the perfect fit for your truck as it is economical and gives any high costing exhaust experience.

Even though it is limited to use and very hard to find on the market but if you do, it would cost you around $200. I would consider this to be more of a replacement system rather than an upgrade.

For those who want a silent and quieter ride, this is the right choice. It calms the loud and massive roaring sound; it’s built-in in such a way that it reduces the level of noise, providing a comfortable, relaxing ride for the drivers.

The installation is on the company that provides you with it so just sit back and relax. Wait for your ride to feel all new again. Moreover, its outstanding feature is that it can resist damage due to moisture and road wear.

Buyers who have opted for this one complaint of no seeming change in the performance compare it with a muffler.
  • Provides quieter exhaust
  • The lesser time duration for installing
  • Protected against corrosion
  • No upgrades were provided
  • No exhaust tone

Following up on my research, it’s not my first choice, mostly suited for people who aren’t craving any new upgrades or features. It has its positive aspects as well but won’t beat new and well-developed exhausts in the market.

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5. Genuine Toyota Parts PTR03-34101 TRD Cat-Back Exhaust System

Are you someone who loves to drive trucks and always looking to make it more efficient?

I have zoomed in and out of the market with the TRD Cat-Black Exhaust System, which has promised to work better than the original.

We always get to hear that you can’t replace the original product with a better choice, but I would easily argue against this statement.

If you’re searching for a replacement for an exhaust system provided with days, a guaranteed warranty, and outstanding features, then you are in for a treat.

All you have to do is install this product on your Tundra, and voila! It’s like a new car with a fresh engine just arrived from the showroom. This product is a 100% exact replacement for the old one. The installation is pretty simple as well.

The product speaks for itself. For its durability and construction quality is on point. When examining it, you will feel the difference between a cheap quality and a top-quality material.

Furthermore, the construction is based on stainless steel material that is stain and rust-resistant and it is not easily broken.

Depending on the truck model and better fixing, you will have to buy the bolts, tailpipe, and gaskets separately to put on it.

Some customers have complained that buying a separate bolt and nut kit makes it way too costlier.
  • Warranty is guaranteed and won’t be affected in any way
  • Dual exhaust that comes with mufflers
  • Improved horsepower
  • The tailpipe kit is bought separately
  • Bolts and gaskets are not available

Compared to the previous product, I would consider choosing Genuine Toyota as a replacement product, which is much more durable and reliable.

This one is indeed a preferred choice of mine, keeping in view its warranty, dual mufflers, and outstanding horsepower.

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6. MagnaFlow 15306 Street Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System Kit

As I am chalking out the list, I keep in mind the adventurers, the heavy-duty trucks, and those who just love to drive them around.

For all of you, I have this efficient product after searching the market thoroughly, the Magnaflow 15306 Exhaust System Kit, is an economical choice.

It does provide amazing durability and excels the truck’s ability for a better and smoother ride.

Looking at the increased performance and durability, these are providing you with a smooth and deep sound desired along with high-performance power.

The system’s features include straight-through slow designs promising an increased torque and horsepower. This will help maintain high power making the exhaust more efficient.

Its specifications include mandrel-bent tubing, stainless steel construction with a super amazing construction warranty as it is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Now, if you look into the specifications for this economical exhaust, it gives great sound with a deep smooth tone, having 100% stainless steel for the exhaust efficiency to be well maintained.

Its sound levels are designed to give a balanced exterior and interior and won’t bother installing it in the truck.

A few of the truck enthusiasts have objected to the complicated and hectic installation procedure.
  • Designed for power improvement and improves truck performance
  • Dyno-proven exhaust that gives a stress-free performance
  • Excellent torque and horsepower
  • The installation procedure is complicated

A little older than the others but it still made to my article because it is highly compatible with trucks, has a corrosive resistant body, and fits every model. In simple words, it excels in all features, display, power, and of course, the price point.

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05/17/2023 10:34 pm GMT

7. Walker 18954 SoundFX Muffler

I have come across many with having to choose among the top products, but only a few have made it here.

One of them being the Walker 18954 SoundFX Muffler, this exhaust has won me over with its durability and use of aluminized steel.

I was keen on adding this product to the list. It could be considered one of the finest products in the business, facilitating optimum performance and reliability.

Looking at the construction, this system is built so that it has two partitions along with two tubes. The company has certainly done a great job of giving this product a professional and very aesthetic appearance, providing high-grade aluminized steel and long-lasting features.

Their high quality construction, and durability calls for better truck horsepower, increased acceleration, and lower fuel consumption. They are, in all words, definitely winners.

The outstanding part is its price is not up high in the sky, and you won’t go through hell while installing this product; it’s easy installation saves a lot of time—a win-win situation for all.

Customers have frowned upon that its technicality requires focus and finesse, or it makes loud engine sounds.
  • Resists corrosion
  • Long-lasting product
  • Excellent quality aluminized steel
  • Technical installation

Originally built for facilitating heavy trucks, these systems have made a name for themselves in the market.

I checked up on many reviews online, which led me to believe that this product comes with a separate fan base, giving customers a satisfying experience.

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8. Borla 140238 Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System

I almost made it to the end of my list, and I do not regret my choices.

For my third last selection, I want the reader to know about an exhaust providing improved quality and gas performance.

The Borla 140238 Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System has been highly appreciated in customer reviews and upon looking further into its features; it surely is one of a kind.

Tundra users highly depend on this product due to its efficient performance and quality, so be assured that it won’t turn out to be a bad system for your truck.

These are long-lasting, durable, and give you all-time excellent mileage. They are designed so beautifully that they won’t prove unfavorable while facing difficult road conditions.

These are bit costly because of the materials they have used, so you won’t be disappointed by their performance, and you will get what you paid for.

Look at these as a lifetime investment. Furthermore, this brand is also capable of enhancing the exhaust flow that causes the temperature to cool down.

Only a few customers could be spotted due to the high cost and maintenance of this exhaust. Some have also objected to the cheap and old packaging.
  • Installation is effortless
  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent sound
  • Mileage is long and strong
  • Not affordable by all
  • Packaging can be improved

I would personally prefer these if I had a truck, and I assure you this brand won’t let you down. This brand deserves all the attention it gets from customers and the market.

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05/17/2023 09:24 pm GMT

9. Flowmaster 817708 Outlaw Extreme Kit, Base Product

Making a tough choice here, my second last item for all of you truck lovers is the Flowmaster 817708 Outlaw Extreme Kit.

To make sure it was the right pick, I went through many customer reviews to make sure I included a good product.

This amazing product is very easy to install and has a lifetime warranty. Also, guess what, it’s not even that expensive.

Coming to the specifics and features that make this product so good among the market; it has a high-class steel construction which is very impressive.

The company proudly gives a lifetime warranty because they have full confidence in their material and construction.

Product features include extreme sounds for adverse road lifestyles and come with race-proven outlaw muffler technology.

Their aim is to provide a better ride, with a smoother drive, lower fuel consumption, and the power to easily pass through hard patches.

It has all the necessary kits and hardware for easy installation and guarantees a lifetime warranty. The instructions of the installations are pretty simple and are very easy to simulate as well.

They can work on their quality. I found a few reviews complaining about their quality.
  • Easily installed
  • Impressive built
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Provided with mandrel-bent stainless steel construction
  • There is room for more improvement in its quality

There are many customer reviews on this product; however, very few websites give you all the info you need to know about it, so I took it on myself to give you the correct information for making the right choice.

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05/17/2023 10:54 pm GMT

10. Gibson 67501 Stainless Steel Dual Extreme Cat-Back Exhaust System

Lastly, my selection comes to an end with Gibson 67501 Exhaust System, and I was very impressed by its 2.50-inch stainless mandrel-bent.

Giving a very neat and professional look, it precisely fixes the engine. Its aggressive and baffled chambered design is appreciated in the market, attracting many buyers.

But it is not only the exterior, but the function is unimaginably amazing. It is a good choice for Tundra lovers who are looking for affordable yet compatible exhausts.

Provided with a lifetime warranty, plus you don’t need to worry about the extra charges because it’s coming with a full kit. It looks like it is an all-in-one-time package you get.

Still not convinced yet? Did you know that it is incorporated with compressive ring fittings along with rubber mounting points that easily enable your Tundra to become flexible and handle the toughest terrains?

This is more of a replacement than an upgrade but do not be fooled by that; buyers need to understand that sometimes even a replacement product can efficiently work as a new upgraded exhaust system.

Customers have pointed out that the sound is not as loud as they anticipated, and they paid a high cost for it.
  • Aggressive yet smooth design
  • Great warranty
  • Excellent sound guaranteed
  • Expensive
  • High and loud sounds can be improved

It amazingly serves the purpose of a truck enthusiast. For a Tundra owner, this product should be your choice if you want a truck-like effect in your surroundings that is aggressive and raw.

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05/18/2023 05:29 am GMT


Having the right exhaust system for your Tundra can impact your driving nicely

At the end of the list, I am sure you all know the top exhausts currently available in the market.

I have summarized all the products for you to go through and easily understand which product is a right fit your Toyota Tundra.

Personally, I would recommend you all the Flowmaster 817692 Exhaust System for being the best exhaust system for Toyota Tundra.

Because I think trucks are not just normal cars, they are a little more aggressive and need more audio along with the ride.

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