8 Best Cold Air Intakes For GMC Sierra 1500 Reviews

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You might already know that the GMC Sierra 1500 is a car that has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. But even with great trucks, the maintenance issue is constant, and the GMC Sierra 1500 is no different.

One of the constant issues you might find with this truck is in the cold air intake system. Finding a good cold air intake system can be your biggest struggle, but that’s what I’m here to tell you of the best cold air intake for GMC sierra 1500. So without any delay, let’s start the article.

8 Top Rated GMC Sierra Cold Air Intakes Comparisons


K&N Cold Air High-Performance Intake

K&N Cold Air High-Performance Intake

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit

DNA Motoring CAI-950021-BKBK Cold Air Intake Pipe DNA Motoring CAI-950021-BKBK Cold Air Intake Pipe

Black Aluminum Air Intake System Filter Black Aluminum Air Intake System Filter

Rough Country Cold Air Intake Rough Country Cold Air Intake


MOOSUN 4 Inch Cold Air Intake

MOOSUN 4 Inch Cold Air Intake

SUPERFASTRACING Cold Air Intake System SUPERFASTRACING Cold Air Intake System

4 4″ Performance Cold Air Intake Kit


1. K&N Cold Air High-Performance Intake

To start, we need to first talk about the most important cold air intake anyone can get: the K&N Cold Air High-Performance Intake.

Coming on top of the list is not the capability of every product, but this particular product has earned its fame and acknowledgment simply because of how great it is.

Coming in three different kinds of styles, choosing whichever you like better or whichever you feel is suitable for your truck is incredible. Not only will you get the thing you need the most, but you’ll also get the feeling of making your own choice!

Made to withstand anything thrown its way, the material of the product is set to be durable. The design ensures that there is better acceleration in the car as well as better throttle response.

The material also ensures that no extra contaminants are present in your engine, which helps prevent more damage from being caused to the engine.

Maintaining this product has also been made easy just for your convenience. The general perception is that you will not have to change your filter until you have reached 100,000 miles in your GMC Sierra 1500.

One of the biggest issues that anyone has had with this product is the fit on their truck. Many customers have claimed that the product does not fit their truck right, believing they wasted their money.
  • Amazing throttle response
  • More power and acceleration present
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Mileage response is considerably unsatisfactory

The product is at the top for a reason. Not only is it exceptionally useful, but the reliability of the product is also at an all-time high.

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2. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit

Following up closely is the Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit. Having so much to offer you, the product surely deserves all the popularity it has.

So let’s explore everything the product has to offer together and try to see what makes it so different from everything offered around it.

Designed to increase horsepower and torque within your car, installing the mentioned product is guaranteed to give you around 50% more airflow. Not only has that, but the product promised better acceleration too.

Your car will be able to move swiftly and without issues, and even you know how important that is, especially if you use the GMC Sierra 1500 to travel on mountains.

Not only that, installation of the product has never been easy. In just a while, no longer than an hour, the whole system can be installed. The best part is, you can even install it yourself if you like.

Material-wise, the stainless steel used to form the system is of the best quality. Such material is bound to last you a long time, so you do not have to worry about the product’s reliability.

Loosening your product from your car is a big warning, and that is exactly what most customers went through while trying out the product. The loosening can become dangerous for both the customer as well as their car.
  • It comes with a reusable air filter
  • Heat damages lessened
  • Perfect protection provided
  • The mounting bracket might end up breaking

Overall, the product seems like a solid investment. You should check it out if you’re looking for something more reliable and long-lasting.

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3. DNA Motoring CAI-950021-BKBK Cold Air Intake Pipe

Next up, we have the DNA Motoring CAI-950021-BKBK Cold Air Intake Pipe. If you’re looking for a solid cold air intake system, this is the one you’ll need.

Finding reliable cold air intake systems can be quite a challenge, so having this product on your list will save you tons of time, effort, and energy.

In terms of durability, the product’s material is aluminum which is already known as one of the strongest ones out there.

You can be completely sure your product will never get ruined because of minute things. You can easily maneuver the device to your liking and take care of the installation and taking off.

The product’s color is black, which can be considered a universally loved color everywhere in the world. The color black is mainly associated with sophistication, so you can imagine how beautiful the cold air intake system seems.

Other than the color, there are around two options given to the customer about which type of product they want.

Improvement in the horsepower and throttle is prominent. The GMC Sierra 1500 is known to need a lot of horsepowers, and the mentioned device provides more than enough. You can completely rely on the features mentioned in the product.

While other aspects are appreciated, one of the major problems everyone seems to have is receiving the correct product. That might just account for the seller’s authenticity, but many have complained about receiving the wrong product.
  • The installation has been made easier
  • The quality of sound has improved
  • Less maintenance
  • Issues with the fit of the filter

Choosing a reliable product is better than choosing a fancy one. If you choose this product, you will never regret making that decision.

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4. Black Aluminum Air Intake System Filter

Having problems with gas mileage with installing a new cold air intake system can be a real hassle.

Since many cold air intake systems aren’t made to keep the struggles of gas mileage in mind, the Black Aluminium Air Intake System Filter becomes even more worth the hype.

Considered one of the highest quality systems you can install, there are many features this device offers. Firstly, the strength and durability are unmatched by others.

Made from complete aluminum, not only is the product physically strong, but it is also considered durable enough to last you as long as you need in terms of functionality.

As mentioned, the gas mileage with the product is vastly improved. Many cars have the issue of gas mileage as something can always go wrong with figuring everything out.

Nevertheless, the product is known to give even better gas mileage than the factory set systems. If you’re a person interested in such a thing, this product is surely meant for you.

Giving around a 10% boost in horsepower is a benefit prominent in the device. You will always want your truck to be in the best condition, and to have it have a good amount of horsepower is exactly what makes the product worth all the money.

Compared to other kinds of products, the affordability of the mentioned product is very high. Even if slightly pricy, look at all the amazing features you get in one single product!

The biggest issue faced with the device is the lack of instructions given. There’s a rare chance that any of us are actually mechanics, so we need instructions, but many customers did not receive any.
  • Filtration efficiency raised by 95%
  • Increased horsepower
  • Lightweight in design
  • Engine lights might come on for no real reason

Generally, finding a product meant to help you in making sure your engine runs smoothly is hard. But if a product offers up better gas mileage, it might be worth looking into.

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5. Rough Country Cold Air Intake

Continuing, we will now talk about the Rough Country Cold Air Intake. While the name may sound a little weird, I can assure you that this particular cold air intake system is the most wonderful one you can invest in if you are looking for one meant to prove itself in the performance claim.

Since the GMC Sierra 1500 is a high-quality truck, it only seems fair that the devices installed in the truck should be high quality too. And with the material used to make such a product, the quality has never been compromised.

Such high quality is only meant to help customers get the performance they originally paid for, which is why nothing is compromised on. With a sleek design, the product performs the given task with speed and determination worth praising.

The shape of the product has been formed so that even with the design, more air is allowed to go into the system, so the process works out better.

Inclusive of a big diameter tube and a cylindrical design, the efficiency of the vehicle is increased as more air can pass through to the general mechanics of the system without any extra issues arising.

Not only that but you are also given a reusable air filter when you first buy the system. So you don’t have to spend money for a very long time since this filter also needs to be changed after a considerably long period of time. The installation has never been easier to achieve, so you can be sure to install it yourself.

A prominent issue found within the product is people’s filter actually seems to be falling off a lot. Such a thing has not only happened to a few people, but the number is alarmingly big, which should prove to be a hint of something to worry about.
  • Advanced mechanics involved
  • The installation has never been easy
  • Easy to clean
  • Filters have been claimed to be low quality
  • Do not seem to last very long

The company might need to acknowledge the problems that people have with their purchases; otherwise, the whole situation could turn out to be terrible for the company.

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6. MOOSUN 4 Inch Cold Air Intake

Next in line is the MOOSUN 4 Inch Cold Air Intake. The mentioned product is probably considered one of the more unique ones in the bunch.

While the functionality and process remain the same, some features are actually more beneficial for you. One of the major benefits of the product is the heat shield that is provided.

Since you know the general job of the cold air intake systems is to let in cold air and let out hot air, you can also imagine the damage that might come to the rest of the engine.

Such an occurrence is exactly what we are trying to prevent, which is why the heat shield is the most unique and brilliant part of the product.

There is also a coating of carbon black power on top of the product, actually meant to help in keeping the whole product useful for a longer period of time.

You will never find a more smooth airflow in any other product than you will in this particular one. The whole design of the device has been done in a way that decreases intake restriction.

The more air able to flow, the more energy is produced. Fuel efficiency is a large part of why the product is as popular as it can be.

Performance was said to be lacking in the product. That was obviously frustrating for so many people since they spent money looking for a good product, but many of the same people complained that they could not feel or see any difference.
  • Most beautiful design
  • Guaranteed long term use
  • Construction made easy
  • Lacking in improving gas mileage

Little things can always be a great reason to buy a product. The heat shield seems appealing but is the product really worth the hype? Only you can decide.

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7. SUPERFASTRACING Cold Air Intake System

Changing your car according to what you think looks great is the ultimate goal of any car owner. Sometimes we do end up making changes we might regret, so what do we do then?

Luckily, with the use of the SUPERFASTRACING Cold Air Intake System, you can manipulate the car however you like.

Manipulation of the engine is one of the best features of the system. The intake pipe allows you to manipulate in any way that you consider worth doing simply to make it easier for you to feel in control.

The pipe is also known to benefit you if you like to keep your engine clean as it prevents all the dust and grime from entering.

Designed in a beautiful and efficient way, the look of the system is enough to make you swoon. Aesthetics are always important so having a beautiful product is always pleasing to your eyes.

With the carbon-coated shield, the look of the system is stunning and will wow everyone around you. It comes in four options, for you have ample choices to choose from, and you can choose exactly what you believe your vehicle needs.

Some parts of the system were said to be missing when it was first delivered. If they were little parts, you might ignore the situation, but since they were crucial parts, the problem seems a lot more serious.
  • Beautiful finish on the product
  • Heatshield provided
  • Lightweight, so you can install yourself
  • The clamps were considered flimsy
  • Pricing can be considered a little high

You might need to be aware of exactly what you are looking for. That would help you a lot in choosing, but generally, your choices should be straightforward as well when it comes to the car of your dreams.

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8. 4″ Performance Cold Air Intake Kit

And lastly, let’s talk about the 4″ Performance Cold Air Intake Kit. While other kinds of systems may focus on other things, the system in question can be used in any car, whether automatic or manual.

Doesn’t that seem like a dream? The variety is what makes the purchase even more worth it. Out of all of the mentioned products above, the 4″ product specifies the horsepower provided, which is 8.23 HP at 5067 RPM.

The highest horsepower you might be able to get out of tons of systems, so you can imagine why I am recommending the system above. Including a wide mouth, the airflow has been seen to be better within a system like this.

Consisting of many little parts such as a heat shield, aluminum pipe, hardware as well as a sensor adaptor is what makes the kit worth the money.

Everything is already given to the customer simply to install, and their whole car journey is guaranteed to become a much better one.

Installing the system is easy, but you will need a handful of tools. Professional installation is always recommended, so make sure you choose what is better for your engine in the long run rather than the small benefits now.

Lack of instructions is clearly a long-term running issue in such problems. You will always need the instructions, but for some customers, they claim to never have gotten them. The company needs to take better care.
  • The filter is reusable and washable
  • Lesser chances of contamination
  • Affordable and economical
  • The fit can be considered a slight issue

To sum it up, having an option to reuse the filter is truly one of a kind. The whole experience might just be worth the hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might still have some questions about the cold air intake for your GMC Sierra 1500. Here’s a FAQs that might just answer all your little questions, so let’s read on!

Q1. What Might Happen To My GMC Sierra 1500 If I Use A Lower-Quality Cold Air Intake System?

One of the most important things to remember is that whatever device you choose will have an impact on your engine.

The gist of it is that the lower quality product will never perform as well as the higher quality one. Since the GMC Sierra 1500 is a high-quality car, using the lower quality product could seriously damage your car.

Q2. Why Is The Cold Air Intake Even Important In My GMC Sierra 1500?

The best way to describe the benefits of using the cold air intake system in your GMC Sierra 1500 is the fuel efficiency offered.

Less fuel is burned, so you get to save a lot more money than before. High productivity has also been seen in the GMC Sierra 1500s that have gotten a great cold air intake filter installed.

Q3. Why Does The Cold Intake Pipe Even Heat Up On My GMC Sierra 1500?

Using your engine excessively every day is a clear indicator as to why your pipe heats up. The air blown out from the engine is hot, so the pipe heats up instantly. So you can imagine why the cold intake pipe needs to be in perfect condition from the get-go.

Q4. How Often Should I Replace My Cold Air Intake Filters On My GMC Sierra 1500?

Often times you can go a long while without changing your filter. The filter is bound to last you a long time as most filters are made with the purpose of benefiting you.

The different kinds of air filters would need to be changed according to their requirement, so make sure you know what kind of air filter you have in your own car.

Q5. Do I Need Tuners On My GMC Sierra 1500 Cold Air Intake Systems?

The purpose of tuners lies in making sure the productivity of your car is high. They aren’t necessary but attaching them to your car will never actually bring you any harm. So attaching them or keeping them off your car is actually completely up to you.


Will any cold air intakes really make my GMC Sierra 1500 a difference? Let's find out which one does better

With all of the options we are given, the confusion grows as to which products we can trust and which we cannot.

But with the help of this article, you might be able to choose the best cold air intake for your GMC Sierra 1500.

The K&N Cold Air Intake Kit is known excessively for how much it benefits customers, so the product is known as the best one even on the list.

But even if you choose any of the listed cold air intakes for your GMC Sierra 1500, your car will definitely never have any trouble. Choose whatever you like!

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