7 Best Cams For 5.7 HEMI RAM Reviews

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The 5.7 HEMI RAM is one of the coolest cars you’ll ever find anywhere. With a body and shape made to wow the crowd, the car is bound to have you impressed with how good it looks. But not only does the car look good, but the features offered within are extraordinary as well.

Coming with so many little parts, the engine’s camshaft specifically is set to open and close the valves to let the fuel-air mixture in and out of the combustion chamber.

So let’s read on to find out more! The product holds a lot of responsibility, so this article aims to teach you about the best cam for 5.7 Hemi Ram.

7 Top Rated 5.7L Hemi Ram Cams Comparisons


53022372AA MDS VVT Engine Camshaft Replacement

53022372AA MDS VVT Engine Camshaft Replacement

Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI 216/220 Hydraulic Roller Cam Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI 216/220 Hydraulic Roller Cam

MDS Lifters Camshaft Engine Gasket Kit MDS Lifters Camshaft Engine Gasket Kit

VVT NON-MDS Camshaft & Lifter Install Kit VVT NON-MDS Camshaft & Lifter Install Kit

MDS Lifters 5.7 HEMI Camshaft Head Gasket Kit Replacement MDS Lifters 5.7 HEMI Camshaft Head Gasket Kit Replacement

NON-MDS Lifters MDS Camshaft Kit Replacement NON-MDS Lifters MDS Camshaft Kit Replacement

COMP Cams 201-426-17 XFI 222/230 Hydraulic Roller Cam COMP Cams 201-426-17 XFI 222/230 Hydraulic Roller Cam


1. 53022372AA MDS VVT Engine Camshaft Replacement

What can be considered the best kind of cam for your 5.7 RAM? That would be the 53022372AA MDS VVT Engine Camshaft Replacement.

After much trial and error, mechanics have finally curated the perfect camshaft in the form of this product. While other products may have some kind of issue arising, the mentioned device is truly one of a kind and claimed to be perfect.

Having a good quality design is as important as any other feature. While it may seem that this is strictly for aesthetic purposes, the bigger link is towards how the product will eventually perform.

Other products are known to work well at basic levels, while the mentioned product above is known to work at the greatest levels regularly. Even if there is all kinds of rough terrain, the quality and performance of the product never falter.

Protection coming from the camshaft is a whole new thing that needs to be acknowledged. The camshaft can be your greatest investment if you invest in it the right way. If any kind of camshaft is worn out, the probability of a disaster awaiting your engine is extremely high.

Such a thing is because the wear and tear of the camshaft will certainly cause it to become insufficient at the air intake and give very poor exhaust power, which eventually leads to the engine becoming damaged because of lack of care.

The product is a little expensive, but the expenses are worth the benefits it provides. With the increase in torque and power, your car is bound to work the best. That’s why the product is known as the top one on the list.

One of the main issues that any customer has had is the noise from the engine when the product is installed. The kind of noise made has the customers concerned, and the company should be concerned too.
  • Known to save fuel
  • Better engine power
  • The engine known to last much longer
  • Compatibility might be an issue

The company should be aware of the issues arising and should make sure to fix them. The company has taken steps to ensure better service, but complaints still can be heard.

53022372AA MDS VVT Engine Camshaft Replacement
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2. Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI 216/220 Hydraulic Roller Cam

Up next, we have the Comp Cams 112-501-11 XFI 216/220 Hydraulic Cam. Known as one of the top products globally, the product is meant to help your car run at the smoothest rate.

The company of Comp Cams is known for their incredible products and how they help make sure no car has any issues arising that cannot be fixed.

Having high drivability not only helps you in making sure that the car is running well, but it also helps you in enjoying the ride from the beginning. The whole ride, as you know, will become smooth and enjoyable.

Having that kind of experience does help you in becoming more aware of how well your car worked before and after you got it fixed. The product’s design has also been created so that every other model is nothing compared to it.

Knowing your products and how they work benefits you in the long run. The way the product has been made shows that there has been a certain tuning for EFI applications. There is no extra airflow signal that is needed to pass through the carburetor.

Other than that, the general performance of the engine is also observed. One unique thing about the product includes the wider lobe separation present, which helps the camshaft create more vacuum.

Linking to everything, the overall power of the car is seen to increase. The powerband is also improved alongside. An amazing feature of the product includes better horsepower and torque that can make riding the car very easy and efficient.

Having a lack of product materials turn up when you order the product is the biggest issue any person has had with the product. You need all parts to have the product run correctly, which was something they did not experience.
  • Performance is improved
  • Operations more efficient
  • Best kind of engine power
  • It might be missing some parts

The product overall really is the best investment you could make. Even with the issues, the product is meant to help you in having the best experience.

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3. MDS Lifters Camshaft Engine Gasket Kit

Next up is the MDS Lifters Camshaft Engine Gasket Kit, which has been observed as one of the top-class products to be included in the list.

Not only does the product promise the right kind of conditions made for your car, but it also promises a few features that you might not be able to find in other kinds of cars.

Consisting of an innovative MDS system, the product’s design is far more unique than you could imagine.

Other similar products might have other features that could be the same, but the MDS system is unique to only this product.

An MDS system technically stands for a multi-displacement system, and the purpose of the system is to shut down certain cylinders when the car is on the highway simply to save fuel.

As mentioned, such a thing is not prone to happen to all cars, so this product exclusively ensures that people having the product are happy with their car rides.

Not only that, the quality with which the product has been made is unmatched. Being made to last you the longest, there has been no compromise on how well the product is made.

During the formation, all parts of the camshaft have been made to withstand even the toughest of conditions, easily to last a considerably longer period for the customer’s benefit.

No matter the issue pre-existing in your car, the product is meant to always give you the best performance without any issues arising. Manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications, a safer and more comfortable ride is ensured for the customer.

Noises can be very annoying, and customers were seen complaining about the noises coming from their engines after the product had been installed. The noise was genuinely a reason for concern from any customers.
  • Easily installable
  • Easy to maintain
  • OEM benefits
  • You might hear noises coming from the engine sometimes

Having products made from the latest designs is always a pleasure to work with. They may be harder to find but worth all the trouble.

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4. VVT NON-MDS Camshaft & Lifter Install Kit

Coming up next is the VVT NON-MDS Camshaft & Lifter Install Kit, which is by far one of the most interesting products you will ever see.

Having certain specifications has made the product worth being on the list simply because it seems to help individuals achieve the smooth rides and efficiency they wish without hassle.

The mention of the VVT also makes the product extremely unique as compared to other competitors. As we have learned, the MDS is meant to help shut down certain cylinders to prevent the waste of fuel; any such product is not immune to the issues that might come with it.

For example, the problem of misfires and many mechanical noises may cause a deeper sense of concern in the customer than normal.

The cylinders involved might not always open and close on time, which eventually leads to further problems, leading to the engine being damaged. However, with the VVT system, also known as the Variable Value Timing, you are sure to get better torque and power.

Made from outstanding quality materials, the product is meant to last you normally and forever if you remember to take care of it.

The product itself is something you might not realize benefits you in the way you think, yet the product might become one of the most important purchases you ever make.

Everything about the product has been made perfect so that the customer can benefit greatly. The MDS has more disadvantages than anyone will tell you, so if you are looking to avoid the issues that come alongside having MDS, the VVT is the perfect thing for you already.

Your car will run smoothly and have fewer and fewer problems with this system than it did with the MDS.

Having an issue with the product’s fit is more common than you would imagine, so many customers complained about how the product did not fit their car well. Such a thing would be a serious issue c0nsidering the amount of money spent.
  • A good alternative to MDS
  • Easily maintained
  • Extremely optimal for use
  • Issues with the VVT as well

Replacing one system with another is simply called innovation. Each one can suit a car differently.

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5. MDS Lifters 5.7 HEMI Camshaft Head Gasket Kit Replacement

Next is the MDS Lifters 5.7 HEMI Camshaft Head Gasket Kit Replacement, which has not gained much popularity over the years but is still a very common choice. The name might not be recognized by many.

However, the product itself is known to get the job done. But what does the product offer that you might not find anywhere else? Let’s look through all the features offered to determine what makes the product stand out.

Having the right kind of parts to make your product is very important. Since there is a lesser chance of getting good parts in your purchases normally, the guarantee of having only premium and high-quality parts from the product mentioned is a relief.

The quality of the product is so good that it is bound to last you for years without question. While normal engine parts can be expensive, the mentioned part is considerably more affordable to you. Having the part can have your engine performing better than ever before, and that too for a lesser amount of money.

Not only that, the part promises efficiency in the movement of the car. The cars that use these kinds of parts are often very unstable on their own, so they need some help.

The part includes the cam as well as lifter kits. The fuel economy is seen to become better than ever before, which benefits you if you are looking for efficiency.

Customers did not have an issue with the cam. Rather their main issue was seen with the lifters provided with. Several problems such as noise or disappearance were reported, which raised some serious concerns.
  • Affordable for many
  • Made of high quality
  • Efficient in their job
  • Longevity might be questionable

Cheaper products do not always have to be terrible as they can prove to be better than richer products as long as they fit your necessities.

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6. NON-MDS Lifters MDS Camshaft Kit Replacement

A product I think is worth mentioning is the NON-MDS Lifters MDS Camshaft Kit Replacement because of the many features it offers us as a customer.

A product that is again completely NON-MDS, the appeal will mostly be towards those that do not want an MDS system in their car.

Apart from that, there are so many little benefits that buying this product will do for you. Firstly, we need to acknowledge the premium quality of the parts that are attached to the product.

Finding good quality products can be a real issue in this day and age, so you can be sure that if the product is of good quality, it is already better than most.

One of the features of the product worth mentioning is that the product comes with four lifting retainers. All that and more is already mentioned in the product information given when you first purchase the product.

The level of performance that the product gives cannot be compared to other products. There is a sudden increase in performance which is brilliant for the customer.

But how is the performance increased? The increasing of the valve life to let more airflow through is how the performance becomes better.

If you’re a person who does not like MDS’s, this product is for you. The technology to explain everything that happens in a car is too advanced to explain in a short paragraph but to explain a little bit; the feature makes sure that an enhanced oil retention capacity is achieved around the bearing and the axle.

Defining the product as a perfect one would be exaggerated because customers have commented on the product’s fit. The fit of the product has not suited their cars which is a real shame.
  • Engine performs better
  • Improved performance overall
  • Genuine parts given
  • Expensive to get

With so much going on, the addition of the product to your car could either be good or bad for you. It all depends on what you are looking for in any kind of product.

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7. COMP Cams 201-426-17 XFI 222/230 Hydraulic Roller Cam

Last on the list is the COMP Cams 201-426-17 XFI 222/230 Hydraulic Roller Cam.

While not known extremely well for everything the camshaft offers the customer, there are many features included in the cam that are sure to catch your attention and have you intrigued.

But what makes the camshaft mentioned so special? Let’s look into the details together! Having a problem with rough idle is actually a bigger one than you may know. But with the mentioned product, a hydraulic camshaft is used simply to remove the rough idle in cars.

Alongside that, a roller cam is used to ensure that the vehicle has the best kind of horsepower. The overall speed of the car increases because of the horsepower provided.

Your hydraulic press actually reduces the load on the engine. There can be a considerable amount of load on the engine if run for a long time which eventually leads to severe damage.

The cam has an extensive RPM operating range which provides the best power gain to the general engine of the car. The smooth running of the car can also be observed by using the particular camshaft mentioned which is only a plus point.

One of the issues found with the camshaft is the fitting inside certain types of cars. In some of the models of the 5.7 HEMI RAM, the fitting was poor which led to extreme complaints and outbursts of disappointment.
  • Amazing engine performance promised
  • Engine efficiency guaranteed
  • Lobe profiles claimed to be exceptional
  • The tuning might remain constant in the maintenance

Finding the correct kind of camshaft may not seem like a big deal but it eventually is. So make sure to choose the kind of camshaft you yourself would enjoy the experience of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does The Camshaft Have An Impact On The Engine Of My 5.7 HEMI RAM?

So many of the parts of the engine are important for it to work correctly. One of the most important parts you need to know about is the camshaft. Camshafts help the engine in many ways, such as clearing it out.

But the most important use of camshafts is the horsepower it gives the engine. Horsepower is very important if you want your car to run as smoothly as ever.

Q2. How Would I Know My Camshaft Is Not Good Anymore For My 5.7 HEMI RAM?

Several things can tell you that your camshaft is going bad. The typical symptoms include your check engine light turning on, the car suddenly jerking, stalling of the engine, terrible fuel mileage, faulty idling, and ignition problems.

If you find any of these problems arising in your car, it might just be this issue, so make sure to have your engine checked as much as possible.

Q3. How Long Will My 5.7 HEMI RAM Camshaft Last?

Generally, the lifespan of a camshaft is as long as the life of an engine. Since the two are very closely linked, you can already understand that the camshaft is completely dependent upon how long the original engine lasts.

In the 5.7 HEMI RAM, the average miles it lasts is around 250,000 to 300,000, which is a considerably long period of time in any car.

Q4. How Much Does It Cost To Replace My Camshaft In The 5.7 HEMI RAM

Having your engine’s parts repaired is considered one of the most expensive parts of even owning a car. Similarly, replacing a camshaft in your car is already expensive with just the purchase of the camshaft.

This does not include the expenses of installing and maintaining. The product does, however, last you a very long time, so it is to your own benefit.

Q5. Where Is The Camshaft In My 5.7 HEMI RAM?

To locate the camshaft in your 5.7 HEMI RAM, you might have to look in the three major areas. These include the cylinder head, right next to the engine block or even at the valley of the vehicle.

Depending on what kind of vehicle you drive, the location will obviously vary. So make sure that you are fully informed about your car so you can know exactly where to find the camshaft.


Taking care of your car can be a real issue for you if you’re busy all the time. But making sure that you have the right kinds of parts for your car can fix almost half of your problems without you even trying.

That’s why having a good camshaft is as important as having any other thing. If you’re still wondering which the best cam for 5.7 HEMI RAM is?

The 53022372AA MDS VVT Engine Camshaft Replacement is the most viable option. You might love any of the products mentioned on this list, but the first one is definitely the best one. Choose whatever you think is better for you and your needs.

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