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Hello there. Look like you have stumbled on this page after reading your desired article. Well, this page focuses on WVDOT Automotive and what it strives to achieve.

After all, you must able to trust your daily source of information. I will be providing you with a brief background about the website and what it has accomplished.

So, let’s begin!

What Is WVDOT Automotive?

Explaining about my blogLet’s start with a simple question: What is WVDOT Automotive? The website is the ultimate home for hundreds of articles that contain various topics related to vehicle upgrades.

This blog has one aim: To help vehicle enthusiasts in choosing the correct products for their vehicles. Whether it be a maintenance, fixing, or a simple aftermarket upgrade, WVDOT Automotive has you covered.

With a slowly but steadily increasing catalog of articles covering many vehicles from different manufacturers, you are guaranteed to get an outstanding article that has detailed every single thing there is to know about a product.

From pros and cons to buying guides, this blog does not miss out on anything that may compromise your vehicle’s integrity. Whether you own a car, truck, or a jeep, we try to cover all famous vehicles and engines.

As of writing this article, this website has tackled many hot topics. From tuners to tires, we have listed hundreds of products that are suitable for your vehicles. Unlike dozens of blogs on the internet, WVDOT Automotive guarantees that every single product on my website is validated using reviews and other guides.

If you are one of those who checked out one of my articles and found a highly regarded product by other guides missing, that means it is not a good fit for your vehicles. This has happened numerous times.

Do you want to risk your vehicle with an unknown aftermarket part, regardless of the brand name, to be installed in it?

Of course, the answer is no. Let’s take a tuner, for example. A wrong tuner can completely wipe the coding off of your engine’s ECU. The Engine Control Unit is a vital part of the engine. It takes thousands of dollars to get it fixed. This is the severity of choosing the wrong product for your vehicle.

It is a pretty easy guess as to what your next question is going to be. You may be asking then how does this blog pick which product is best for a specific vehicle.

Well, first of all, there is no single source. As this is a part-time activity, WVDOT Automotive does not have the time or expenses to check each product individually.

Instead, it relies upon other guides and, more importantly, online stores for choosing those few products. If I just copy-pasted the products off of other guides, this blog would have been no different.

The first step is to check the top guides on the internet. I compare and choose the most common ones. The products are chosen and then searched on online stores to check how much they are popular.

There are instances when products are not on the website at all. No matter how good they are, their names will be crossed off.

The most important step is to check the number of ratings and which product has the highest ratio of positive to negative reviews. This checking procedure makes the author aware of what is wrong with a product.

When this checking process is completed for all products individually, then the typing part starts. If you have read any one of my articles before, I generally follow the same format.

I typically list five products, each one of them with a paragraph dedicated to their drawbacks. Then I list their pros and cons for the reader. Finally, there is a conclusion that pretty much sums up if the product is worth it or not.

I find this way of writing an article very efficient, and I think users also find it easy to comprehend. And, yes, there is a buying guide at the end of articles, but that is dependent on the severity of the questions asked by vehicle owners on online forums.

Who Is The Owner Of This Site?

WVDOT Automotive is owned and operated by Tahir Azam. I am a 35-year-old owner of a software hub. I have been a vehicle enthusiast since I was ten years old. The idea of the blog WVDOT Automotive has been in my mind for a long time, but it was until recently that he chose to implement it.

Since the December of 2020, the blog has been written and updated every single day. I aims to produce high-quality content which his readers will love. With close to a hundred articles already written, you can find various vehicles for which aftermarket upgrades have been stated over here.

I am also a father of two. I have taken upon several tasks to keep me occupied in life. After spending the evening in my software hub, I come back home to my kids. Then I begin to work on my blog. Although it started as a hobby, it has grown on me, and I do not plan to stop anytime soon. So, you can expect an ever-growing number of articles.

If you are interested in getting to know more about me, then click here.

What Is My Plan For The Site?

Well, I have thought long and hard as to how I will develop my website to be easily accessible for more readers. The best and the highest accessed source is Google. With my website already indexed on it, it is always ready for people to read. My main goal is to create a forum accessible through my website.

The forum will act as a bridge between people of similar issues. Now, I don’t need to tell you what a forum is. The plan is already in motion, but what is needed a large number of viewers to jump-start it.

But I am not worried about that. With the content being SEO optimized, my content will be on top of search results in no time.

You can expect the forum to go live in a few months. After all, it is hectic to handle everything at once when you have kids! There is plenty more to come, but it is all under wraps for now.


This is it, avid readers. This is a short introduction to WVDOT Automotive, the trusted source for everyday readers. I hope you will stay along for the ride as I have planned many upgrades for the website, including a new overhaul, for the upcoming months.